Asahi no Matsu

2013 | Nikkei Student Union Odori

Role(s): Graphic designer, Co-Director

Project Type: Print design, program, flyer

Client Type: Collegiate cultural organization, traditional dance

Nikkei Student Union (NSU) Odori's second spring dance recital, "Asahi no Matsu," showcases traditional Japanese dance performed by UCLA undergraduate students under the direction of Bandō Hirohichirō (Nakamura Gankyō), the first non-Japanese citizen to become a professional kabuki actor.

As a co-Director and graphic designer for the recital, I coordinated practices, applied for funding, learned choreography, managed schedules, and designed the program, poster, and flyer. "Asahi no Matsu" was a passion project that conveyed my appreciation for Japanese culture and history.

Research and Development

Recital Name

The name "Asahi no Matsu" or "Pines in the Sunrise" was a collaboration between our Sensei, co-directors, producer and alumni.

In Japanese culture, the pine tree symbolizes longevity, virtue, good fortune and solitude. In reference to Japanese New Year, the pine tree and sunrise also symbolizes renewal, rebirth and hopeful for a bright future. The name of the recital represented our journey as undergraduates who will soon graduate from UCLA and move forward to the next steps in our lives — jobs, graduate school and etc.

Modern Design

The recital design reflects the literal meaning of its' name - "Pines in the Sunrise."

I was inspired by ukiyo-e (Japanese traditional print) and contemporary art for the recital design. Ukiyo-e depicted different themes and subjects such as nature and serene landscapes. For the design, I used the pine branch as the subject with a crisp sunrise gradient in the background - pastel yellow to blue. As a modern touch, I incorporated sunrise rays/streaks and a dancing fan silhouette overlay.

Program, Poster and Flyer

Photo Credit: Albert Lien

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