Laserfiche Empower

2021-2022 | Laserfiche

Role(s): Art director, lead designer, graphic designer

Project Type: Graphic design, virtual corporate event design

Client Type: Technology

The first virtual Laserfiche Empower in 2021 is where technology meets inspiration, with speakers, content and entertainment to educate, motivate and delight technology and business leaders from around the world. Despite having an in-person conference in 2020, we quickly pivoted to a virtual environment for 2021 through Intrado, now known as Notified. Then for 2022 we switched to Cvent as Empower’s virtual conference platform. Overall, Laserfiche reached a larger audience in these past two years than any of the previous Empowers.

The in-house creative team started from scratch with new strategies, specs, designs, and deadlines while remaining flexible and agile working from home during the pandemic.

  • Developed a new look and feel for the conference to reflect the new virtual environment.
  • Fewer print collateral made up for more digital collateral.
  • Produced templates for PowerPoint decks, social media posts and display ads to ensure brand consistency among non-designers within the company.
  • Collaborated with the video producer to design high-quality graphics for the product and solution provider keynote sessions.
  • Worked with the marketing project manager to oversee the creative team’s projects to ensure they meet deadlines and stakeholder expectation.

Data Metrics


Overall, moving to a new virtual environment through Intrado was a great success with increased attendee registration, attendance and sales to Laserfiche Cloud. Due to less travel, an easier registration process and the ability to hold more sessions, there were more new attendees especially executives, IT professionals and business professionals around the world especially from EMEA, APAC and Canada.

  • Stretch goal of 6,000 registrants with 50% attendance rate and the final numbers were 6053 registrants and 4,433 attendees
  • 218% increase of business professionals and 183% increase of executives
  • 70% new attendees in 2021 compared to 50% new attendees from the in-person conference
  • 10% closed deals and 100% increase in Cloud sales
  • 18 high-value product labs with 614 attendees


While the pandemic continued through the next year, the company held Laserfiche Empower in another virtual environment through Cvent, an industry-leading corporate event management platform. Like many virtual conferences in 2021 and 2022, registration decreased due to overall "Zoom fatigue." Laserfiche anticipated this by holding fewer sessions, but more lab and networking sessions. Overall, Laserfiche increased their new ARR within 30 days from attendees.

  • 3,264 registrants and 2,559 attendance with an attedance rate of 78.4%
  • 286,450 in new ARR which is a 50% increase from the previous year
  • 60% ARR from new customers versus 40% ARR from existing customers
  • Most attended sessions were the opening keynote and product keynote
  • 21 high-value product labs with 783 attendees

2021 Empower using Intrado

2022 Empower using Cvent

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