Terasaki Budokan

2020-2023 | Tersaki Budokan, Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC)

Role(s): Graphic designer

Project Type: Brochures, postcards, posters, ads

Client Type: Non-profit, cultural organization

Terasaki Budokan is a multipurpose community center in Downtown Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo neighborhood for youth, families and seniors that offers programs, activities, events, and more! It also provides opportunities to connect visitors to Japanese American culture and Little Tokyo. Terasaki Budokan contributes to the revitalization and vibrancy of the district while also preserving its history and culture for future generations. Terasaki Budokan is a project of Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC).

As a freelancer designer, I designed multiple printed assets for Terasaki Budokan starting with the grand opening ceremony. Since then I worked on additional projects like a map brochure and an activities brochure.

Research and Development

Grand Opening Ceremony

The Terasaki Budokan team requested a celebratory and festive design for the grand opening ceremony that reflects a sense of community and teamwork while incorporating the LTSC brand elements and the daruma mascot. Inspired by music festival posters, the design combines sports, music, Japanese-American culture, and community activities and events into the playful formation of the Budokan daruma's facial features.

Windows of Little Tokyo Map

A staff member from Terasaki Budokan initially reached out to me based on my work for the Windows of Little Tokyo project. I created illustrative maps representing the current and future businesses in First Street North. The brochure map extends beyond the original map to show the larger Little Tokyo area and features more businesses and institutions.

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Grand Opening Ceremony Ads

In 2019, I designed postcards, posters, formal invitations and ads to promote the grand opening ceremony which was scheduled spring of 2020. Postcards were distributed to the Little Tokyo community and businesses and formal invitations were sent to major donors, funders, and elected officials. Production of these printed materials were postponed due to the pandemic and resumed when the opening ceremony got rescheduled to 2021.

Play Little Tokyo Brochure

Although the 2020 pandemic slowed down production, I also redesigned a LTSC brochure that lists Little Tokyo restaurants, businesses, and general information about LTSC and Terasaki Budokan. The brochure also has a large foldout, illustrative map that highlights business locations. This brochure was produced and distributed in time for the rescheduled grand opening ceremony.

Activities Brochure

In 2022, Terasaki Budokan reached out to me again to design a new activities brochure that lists sports/musical activities, rental services, senior and youth programs, donation opportunities and special events that the community center offers.

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